Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sonic Syndicate - Denied

Today I thought I'd share this song with you, Denied by Sonic Syndicate.
A nice and speedy song with a good singer and a screamer, but what I like the most about this band is the bassist, she's hot. Karin Axelsson is her name.
But this is a good song, especially when I'm gaming, playing shooters or racegames, makes you a bit more fanatic about the game.

Enjoy guys !


  1. pretty good song. My only issue is that I feel like I'm listening to someone else and I just can't place who.
    And the bassist is damn attractive, but it doesn't really show all that well in this video, or at least the parts where I was paying attention to this and not just looking her up to see some decent pics.

  2. Wow, good song, awesome bassist.....perfect combination.

  3. Female on the bass = +