Thursday, March 1, 2012

Red - Feed the machine

First we have a two-minute intro on the video, just skip ahead to about 2 minutes. What I really like about this song are the clean vocals followed by the screams. Also I will be seeing this band live in about a month and a half, 17th of april. This is actually the first song I've heard from them. My friends asked me to go to their concert so I thought, why not. Good choice I hope. This song was quite good, I certainly hope they will be perform this as good live.


  1. Pretty good song. I'd never heard of these guys before, might give some of their other stuff a look.

  2. They're not a very known band, but I also just got all their other CD's, they're not really that metal with the screams and stuff but mostly clean vocals if not all, haven't heard every song yet.