Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh, Sleeper - Endseekers

Hello guys and girls,

First of all, happy Easter everyone !

I thought I'd do a song by a Christian band, since it is Easter today.
Oh, Sleeper is the band called, not the best name for a band in my opinion, but hey they make good music. A lot of screaming in the song, with a few clean vocals at some parts, not too striking guitars or drums just the regular stuff. Not their best song, but this one had a video clip and I couldn't be bothered with just showing you guys a lyrics only video or just a couple of random pictures.
If you want to hear more of them, you should listen to the song "Children of Fire" and well, the album is named the same. Haven't got a lot to say at the moment, just doing a quick post.

Again happy Easter everyone !

Enjoy the song !


  1. Now, that's music!
    I have to find more of their songs!

  2. Love the cliche water flying off the cymbals in the video lol

    Tegan Wilson